Taoist Massage

Taoist massage is essentially a healing massage where your sexual (creative) energy is built up and harnessed to re-energise you: body, mind and soul!

In the White Tigress Manual it states, “Look to what created you to discover what will restore you.”

When we are feeling very stressed our “Chi”, our valuable life-force energy, is wasted on thoughts and emotions that steal our vitality and give us nothing in return. When we breathe correctly and relax we free lost energy which returns to us to nourish our organs and cells.

Subtle but powerful shifts in a person’s energy can be experienced, as well as the ability to cope better with stress. Increased stamina and vitality may be noticed. There is no indication of being depleted or drained like one sometimes feels after a long massage. The Taoist massage is an exquisite spiritual journey providing physical and mental relaxation and liberation from stress. After completing this massage, you feel centered, peaceful and filled with balanced, productive energy.

Taoist massage can lead to an altered mind-state conducive to spiritual insights. It is a spiritual practice that stimulates and spreads creative energy throughout your body for the benefit of you as a whole.

The massage is undertaken with an attitude of harmony and gentleness. Everything is approached slowly and with awareness of what is taking place. All I ask is that you make a concerted effort to feel and sense the actuality of the energy and sensation, to be in the moment. Be fully present, fully aware. The more you surrender to the experience, the more you will benefit from it.

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