Why it works

“Ching” is our sexual energy, our creative energy, our generative energy. It is also referred to as the “principal energy” as it is essential for carrying out the functions of the body. All other energies in the body are dependent on Ching. The Ching energy converts into life-force energy for the organs, which is called “Chi”.

This energy is the only energy that can be doubled, tripled or increased even more. Therefore, if we want to conserve or restore lost principal energy, sexual energy provides the means to create extra power if we conserve, recycle and transform it back into principal energy. We will then have more energy available to transform into Chi. As Ching energy circulates inside the body, the organs are revitalized and nourished.

(Healing Love through the Tao – Mantak Chia)

Ching can be easily assimilated, transformed and used by any part of the energy body and is the greatest nutrient available, especially for the brain. It can rejuvenate the brain like nothing else and bring superior health, strength and vitality to the entire body.


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