The chakras are the seven energy centres that govern our psychic and energetic well-being. When our chakras are balanced, we feel grounded, emotionally safe, open to love and mentally in charge. When we experience stress, our chakras become out of balance. This can lead to physical illness.

Chakras are responsible for directing the flow of energy through our bodies. Our chakras may be either open or closed, depending on our mental and spiritual state at any given time.

When our chakras are working at the correct frequency, then our mind, body and spirit can work together harmoniously.

To regain or maintain health, chakra balancing needs to be done on a regular basis.

The First Chakra
Name: Root Chakra
Colour: Red
Scent: Musk
Mantra: Lam
Governs: Personal power and well-being
Affects: Survival, confidence, feeling grounded and calm

The Second Chakra
Name: Sacral Chakra
Colour: Orange
Scent: Myrrh
Mantra: Vam
Governs: Emotional and sensual well-being, our vitality
Affects: Sensual, sexy, desired, alive. It activates all of our senses as well as our intuitive and emotional feelings.

The Third Chakra
Name: Solar Plexis Chakra
Colour: Yellow
Scent: Amber
Mantra: Ram
Governs: Self-direction, personal will, intention, physical energy and self-control
Affects: Self-esteem. It reflects our ability to take responsibility for ourselves and assume personal authority over our lives.

The Forth Chakra
Name: Heart Chakra
Colour: Green and rose
Scent: Rose
Mantra: Yam
Governs: Compassion, forgiveness, understanding, generosity, empathy, caring and love.
Affects: Warmth, ability to nurture and form friendships.

The heart is the most important organ in the body and the forth chakra, our spiritual heart centre, is the most important energy centre in our psychic makeup. This is because love is the greatest power in our lives and the highest channel of life force available to us.

The Fifth Chakra
Name: Throat Chakra
Colour: Blue
Scent: Frankincense
Mantra: Ham
Governs: Communication, connection, creativity and personal intention.
Affect: Personal expression, conveying our heart’s true feelings to the world.

The Sixth Chakra
Name: Third Eye
Colour: Purple, deep indigo blue
Scent: Jasmine
Mantra: Ooo
Governs: Our ability to see accurately in life
Affects: Ability to analyze, think, reason, perceive, understand, discern, dream, imagine, visualize.

The Seventh Chakra
Name: Crown Chakra
Colour: Violet, pure white
Scent: Lotus
Mantra: Omm
Governs: Feeling connected to our source of life, spiritually connected.
Affects: When our crown is open, we transcend the intellect and enter into the realm of faith. This understanding overrides all need to justify or even understand the workings of the Universe.

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