Every client brings his or her own energies, circumstances, and ideas to a session. People come to me for various reasons, and that’s where we begin. I know that it’s hard not to have any expectations, especially for those who have surfed the net, but I feel that it’s best to leave them at the door along with any pre-conceived notions, just come in, lay back and ‘feel’.

“The session is your opportunity to have a new experience internally. Often when people move interactively they lose themselves in the other, so we ask that you focus on your inner world and the sensations that open you to knowing a deeper level of yourself. This is the best way to learn how to accumulate energy and then you are able to use this in connecting with your partner or future partners.” With gratitude to Martina Hughes of Tantric Blossoming

Some people have life-changing experiences … by relaxing, allowing themselves to be open to a new enhanced experience of energy. Sometimes it happens in one session, sometimes it takes a few more. Taoist massage has many healing applications. Benefits of the work may include a greater awareness of your sexual energy and how it works as well as how to move it in your body, improved ejaculatory choice, multi-orgasmic capacity, deeper and improved intimacy with a partner.

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