Private Lessons

Private lessons for couples and individuals are offered in:

Erotic Awakening Massage for Him

Erotic Awakening Massage for Her

Connected Couple mini-workshop

At school you were probably taught about sexually interacting with others to a degree. You were taught about the biology of it and the dangers of it, but what about other vital aspects … the emotion, drive, sensuality, energy, passion, play, love, tenderness, communication, self-expression and skill.

When you first meet someone in a space of intimacy you are expected to simply know how to connect and touch.

You know that there must be more to this but you are just not sure how to access it.

Let me show you how.

Yes, you will need to bring a person along to learn on. No, it does not have to be a committed partner.

When I do see couples I am blessed to witness them surrender, open and blossom in this safe space of honesty, intimacy and love.

These lessons are generally hands-on, easy to follow and offer a good framework for further discovery. I love, love, love teaching this.

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