For Her

There is something so special, magical and mystical about our feminine energy, yet we often forget to acknowledge the goddess inside.

I’ve studied many different types of energy work over the past decade, starting with basic hands-on healing and chakra balancing to becoming a Reiki Master and Teacher in 2000 as well as qualifying as a Therapeutic Reflexologist.  I was taught the Taoist Sexual Energy Healing massage in July of 2007. Taoist  Massage is by far the most effective energy healing method that I have experienced to date.

I have the pleasure of being able to focus predominantly on Taoist Massage and I see the tremendous impact it has on my clients and their well-being. My clients come from all walks of life and for just as many reasons: some are individuals or couples who want to turn up the thermostat, others have specific sexual issues such as never (or hardly) having orgasms or wanting stronger orgasms, some have experienced sexual trauma to varying degrees, some simply need to love themselves and the bodies, and some are seekers who want to reconnect with their blissful energy.

If you are new to sexual energy healing, I recommend that you begin with Taoist Massage. It helps you become familiar with the sensual energy moving through your body and increases your capacity to hold onto that energy.

Sexual energy is fundamental to our well-being. The role of Taoist Massage is to ensure the free-flow of this energy throughout and around the body and clear the pathway for this energy to circulate. In turn, this leads to a more fulfilling life experience and also helps, through increasing Ching (principal energy) to restore the Chi (life-force energy) throughout the whole body. Taoist Massage alters your level of awareness, heightening sensation and strengthening energy. It has a harmonising effect on the body and is designed to clear energy blocks.

Since deep, uninhibited breathing is necessary to help this energy flow, breath-work is encouraged in the massage session. This is something we can incorporate in our daily lives.

The Taoist Massage first focuses on opening the energy hubs. I then massage my client’s back, following the flow of energy in her body, moving onto the back of her legs next. Following that, I massage her chest, abdomen and arms. Then onto the front of her legs, before working on her centre. The whole body is honored. The built-up core energy is then spread throughout her body, harmonising the whole. It is a wonderfully uplifting experience. Afterwards I do a relaxing, grounding face massage but I appreciate that some people don’t like their faces touched so, as much as I recommend this grounding facial massage, please let me know in advance if you would like to skip this part.

This is not a deep tissue / muscle massage. It is a full-body technique that works on the meridians, clearing blockages. Arousal and relaxation (an interesting combination) may lead to a light orgasmic state or rolling wave-like orgasms. Allow yourself to surrender to the bliss. You body is a phenomenal miracle. Feel. Deeply. Connect.

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