For Couples

I am able to work with both partners, one after the other. I am open to the receiver choosing to have their partner in the same room, watching the massage or coming in after the massage for their private session, or even on separate days. Having both partners in the same room during the massage can be a very beautiful energetic experience but I have found that the receiver is not as ‘present’ in the experience and doesn’t surrender as easily to the flow of energy as he or she is often thinking about what their partner is thinking / seeing instead of feeling what is happening inside themselves. I recommend that couples discuss this and what they would like to get out of the experience beforehand.

I highly recommend the Awakening Massage for Him / Her lessons for couples. (Look under: Private Lessons). These are body-work lessons and therefore “clothes-off” sessions. For a “clothes-on” option that provides more in-depth learning, please consider the Oh! Workshop and the Oh My! Workshop which follows on from that.

Sexual instinct is natural. Sexual skill is learned.

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