Guides & Gurus Along My Way

These exceptional people have been there to teach me, challenge me and guide me along this incredible journey.


Sharon-Lee Plaskitt: Auric Healing and Reiki 1 through to Masters 1999

Dougans International: Therapeutic Reflexology, Anatomy and Meridian Therapy 2000

Dougans International: Touchpoint Therapy 2002

Jonti Searll: Taoist and Tantric Techniques 2006

Swami Rahasya Advait: Tantra 2006 to date

Shakti Malan: Sacred Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training 2010

Rochelle Miller: Soul Journey 2011

Eric Richardson: Theta Healing 2014

Sonia Nel: Theta Healing 2016


Baba Dez Nicols: (ISTA) Sacred Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training 2009, 2010

Bruce Lyon: (ISTA) SSSPT 2011, Shamballa Tantra 2012

Sharon Lynn Mauldin: (ISTA) SSSPT 2011

Andrew Barnes: (ISTA) SSSPT 2011, TEFBO 2011

Christina Salmen: Shamballa Tantra 2012

Sharon Lyon: Shamballa Tantra 2012

Grand Master Mantak Chia: (Universal Tao) Enlightenment, Chi and Taoist Practices 2012

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