Tantra Sex Basics: Loving Yourself

Excerpt from THE ROCKY HORROR TANTRA BOOK by Sw. A. Rahasya

published by the ADVAIT TANTRA SCHOOL

Loving Yourself

This is essential. Make love to yourself with some intent, some sincerity. Aim to please, or to discover something new about yourself. Love your own body and let it know you mean it.

Logically speaking, you should know your body and its erotic responses better than anyone. Your greatest heights of intensity and your greatest depths of immersion in sensuality should be available to you first.

When you have developed some worthwhile presence in your body, and can maintain a semblance of sanity in states of extreme arousal, you have something worth sharing, if you then care to do that.

Teach your hands to develop a sensitivity to your own body’s feedback. Feel the qualities of your own touch and explore variations of pace, pressure and so on. As your senses develop, explore more subtle energies of touch - masculine and feminine, giving and taking, controlling and yielding.

Find areas of your body that have heightened sensitivity or a numbness. Gently coax them to accept sensation or to feel it, as needed.

Learn about your body’s responses. Pay attention to your changing heart rate, the sound of your breath, your sensitivity to touch and your degrees and flavours of arousal.

Explore states of high intensity, opening to the intensity while staying conscious as far as you can.

Love your body as it truly wants to be loved. Let it feel your passion, your intensity and your delight.

Cape Town, , South Africa

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